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The Collegiate 100 of Tennessee State University


Nurturing and enhancing the growth development and opportunities for young black males of Middle Tennessee

100 Black Men of America

Legacy of 100 Black Men

    "Committing ourselves to personify the type of people our children will look up to and emulate, we embrace the immense responsibility we have to our mentees and our communities. Providing these children another choice in life by being around likeminded individuals who have similar aspirations and goals.

    As we have grown The Network of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. more companies and programs have been formed to assist in delivering the education and empowerment needed to change the course of these children’s lives. This is done through the 100’s Four For The Future focus areas; Mentoring, Education, Health & Wellness, and Economic Empowerment.

    A proven blueprint for mentoring and developing young people into future leaders by surrounding themselves with a positive network and giving them the opportunity that they may not have thought was possible. Our ongoing commitment to continuously improve and implement our programmatic initiatives is what drives us. Helping shape our mentees realize their potential by showing them how to be successful and significant, stressing the importance of obtaining and applying education, and providing them the tools that empower them for self-sufficiency, cultivated civic, and business leadership."











Mentoring is incorporated into all programs delivered by 100 Black Men chapters across the organization’s global network.

Health & Wellness

The 100’s health and wellness goals are to raise awareness, provide access to health care and give health information that will ultimately promote behavior change resulting in a healthier lifestyle.


The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. has been educating and empowering youth for over three decades.

Economic Empowerment

The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. considers economic empowerment necessary for creating just societies around the world.

About Collegiate 100

Collegiate 100 Black Men of Tennessee State University

These young men share a common interest with that of the 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee which is to enhance and improve the quality of life for younger black males of Middle Tennessee through mentoring and tutoring programs.

What They See Is What They'll Be ®

“What They See Is What They’ll Be®”is more than a motto. It is a source of motivation for all members in our 100 Black Men chapter network. Additionally, our motto serves as a constant reminder that we must consistently commit ourselves to personifying the type of people our children will look up to and emulate. We fully embrace the immense responsibility we have to our mentees and our communities.

Our organization is recognized as the nation’s top African American led mentoring organization.

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